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Is Your Dog Running Your Life?

Do you want your time and sanity back? Do you struggle with getting your dog to listen to you? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?

This can be a very frustrating place to find yourself. Failed attempts at change in the home quickly become tiresome, and many times dog owners find themselves ready to give up and admit defeat. You may feel stuck in your current relationship with your dog and have no idea how to have a well-behaved companion and friend.

You love your dog and you deserve to find balance and happiness with them. We can help.

Why I offer Private, In-Home Training

I come to you at your convenience in your home, where you are experiencing most of your dog’s behavior issues. Seeing you and your pet interact in your home allows me to offer real time solutions and a tailored training approach. Additionally, dogs learn more quickly and have less stress and fewer distractions in their own home and neighborhood environment.

After solving any problems you may be experiencing in the home, we can advance to other behavioral problems outside and in other environments you and your dog share.


Customized Training Programs

All dogs and homes are different, each with their own unique problems and behavior issues. I will work closely with you to discuss your goals and customize a training program to fit you and your dog’s individual needs. I strive provide a complete and balanced approach to training my clients. I will teach you to take the lead with plenty of positive reinforcement and effective corrections to unwanted behavior.

I offer the following training options:

Puppy Training

Having a new puppy in the home can be very exciting! However, new pet parents can also quickly find themselves overwhelmed with all of the changes that come with a new dog in the household. Since so many challenges arise during early puppyhood, this is a great time to begin your training with an experienced professional. Working together, we can be sure to tackle ANY struggles that arise while your pup adjusts to their new home. We will discourage behaviors such as potting accidents, nipping, jumping, destructive behavior, and much more from developing in your new puppy. Puppies have a lot of learning to do in their early months, navigating their new environment and learning what is expected of them. As much as you love and adore your new puppy, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin with training your new best friend. Let me help you lay a great foundation so you can enjoy your new little friend for many years to come.

Foundations of Obedience

To introduce you and your dog to the basics, I provide a session of four private training lessons in your home. The Foundations of Obedience is a good program if you want to master basic skills like sit, come and stay. I will help you establish positive boundaries with your dog in your home. This course is also a good choice if you are struggling to resolve a couple of minor concerns in your dog’s behavior.

Extended Skills

This comprehensive course option provides one-on-one, flexible support for a whole calendar year, including in home training as needed as well as personalized ongoing plans. A great option for the ambitious dog and owner pair, I will help you lay a solid foundation of skills you with endless possibilities. We can work together to teach your dog specialized skills, or simply provide extended consistency in your training routine to help you achieve lasting results. If you have multiple or more severe behavior concerns that need to be addressed, this course is a great option to give you the extra support you and your dog need to build new habits and make positive changes.

Lifetime Support

Seasons in life come and go and through it all, your furry best friend stays by your side. Just as your home life shifts and your dog ages, your training needs will change over time. This lifelong support plan provides ongoing training and expert guidance as needed throughout your dog’s life. Whether you have found new problems have arisen or it is time to brush up on some old skills, I will be here to help as needed. I hope to help you enjoy a cooperative, fun and positive relationship with your dog through all of the many phases of life you will share.

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The possibilities are endless…

From a dog that struggles with ongoing potty accidents or other destructive behaviors to a confident dog ready to take the next steps in their education, our individualized approach means no matter where you are starting from, we have a training program for you!

Contact us today for a free consultation to find out which of our training programs is the best fit for you and your beloved pup.