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John loves and understands dogs - and dogs respond. What I especially appreciate about his training methods is that he considers the dog in context and uses approaches that will be effective and realistic for the specific canine-human relationship at hand. Not only has he taught me how to work with my dog, who was initially a bit much for me, but he has also kept me informed about local opportunities to have fun with my dog - nose work, swimming and dock diving, canine puzzle games, socialization, etc. I am truly grateful.

Maria G., owner of Daisy

John spent a lot of time with us demonstrating and explaining as we trained to make sure I understood the training and that I was doing the training correctly. Opa was sitting, staying, and coming to me after the first training lesson. My family was so impressed. I was showing off Opa’s new manners to all my neighbors the next day and still am. My neighbors and friends said, “Wow! Unbelievable!” I recommend tJohn to everybody. When we are out and about people always comment on what a good boy Opa is. Both Opa and I really enjoyed the training sessions. Thank you John for getting us off on the right track to a wonderfully behaved puppy. You are the best!

Sandra B., owner of Opa

I had such a good experience working with John. Right away, he saw that my dog was fundamentally a great girl but we needed to take things up to the next level in terms of her behavior and obedience with leash aggression, having visitors in the house, barking, and listening to me. He went the extra mile with my girl to socialize her with his dogs because of her leash aggression toward other dogs. His dogs are amazing, may I add. They taught me to feel more confident in my ability to train my girl and gave me the tools to do so. Since working with John, my dog’s behavior has greatly improved. She has stopped barking when we have visitors over and I can now enjoy taking walks with her without being fearful she will aggressively erupt and she listens to me now to a degree that I never thought possible all the while using positive reinforcement that has made her a much happier dog. I would recommend John’s training expertise to anyone. They were extremely knowledgeable, kind, and respectful and my dog and I very much enjoyed working with them. 

Alex B.

John was amazing. He took the time to explain and show me what to do, how to do it, and why to do it. I saw results almost immediately after the 1st training. Family and friends can come over now. They are no longer agradid of my boys! They say they can’t believe they are the same dogs. It is amazing how well John understands each individual dog. He was wonderful with Cody and Dexter. John is a miracle worker. My boys are happy dogs now. Thank you so much!

Marilyn H., owner of Cody and Dexter

When I reached out to John for help, my three dogs were aggressive with each other and out of control. I thought I was going to have to place them in new homes and that would have broken my heart. I had tried other trainers but nothing worked. My dogs' fighting got worse. John was wonderful. The training was easy to follow with written and verbal instructions with demonstrations and one on one hands on assisting me how to do the training to ensure accuracy. He was patient with me and answered all my questions. He helped me to find my strengths and improve my weaknesses all the while by being positive and engaging with my dogs, and having fun with them. My three dogs are no longer aggressive to each other and they listen to me. No more fighting or misbehaving. We have our Happy Home back! I highly recommend John to every dog owner that I meet.

Jeannie D., owner of Licorice, Blondie, and Ginger

If you're looking for an amazing dog trainer who will get results, we highly recommend John Grosskettler!  We have known him since 2009 and he has helped us over the years with three dogs; Max, Riggo, and Moose. He has a gentle way about him and he truly is a dog whisperer. He knows a lot about dog behavior and he will help you so that you will have a happy, secure and well-behaved dog.
Sharon and Brad O
It is my privilege to write a review for Happy Homes Dog Training, owned by John and Joan Grosskettler. Starting at 10 weeks of age, they worked with our family to train our Bichon Frise. They came to our home, so the training was tailored to our specific needs. Our dog immediately responded to their suggestions, and now, she is actually a certified Therapy Dog with Pets on Wheels! I would 100% recommended them to train anyone’s dog. These people are the best! 
Betsy J

Helping you to take the lead!

For over 17 years, John has mended relationships between owner and dog to create the Happy Home every family hopes for. John believes a balanced training approach consists of plenty of play and positive reinforcement as well as appropriate corrections as needed. Training should be fun! John will teach you and your dog new skills by showing you how to enjoy small sustainable changes to your daily routine and how to use training as time to bond and play.  Even if you find yourself frustrated by repeated embarrassing or destructive behaviors in your pet, John will bring personalized professional solutions to get you and your dog back on track.


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One-on-One: the custom approach

Our training philosophy is built on the idea that every dog and every home has thier own unique challenges, strengths and needs. An initial consultation will help establish your goals for your dog and your household. Hands on training will continue in your home environment at your convenience. Working one-on-one with you and your dog in the comfort of your own home helps the dog learn more quickly and suffer less stress and anxiety. From the first visit, you will start to notice a difference in your dog's behavior and demeanor.